• Neha Maqsood

Nightingale & Sparrow - Apocalypse Now

Updated: Feb 29

Originally published in Black Bough Poetry Press, 'Apocalypse Now' evocatively highlights how the author, Neha Maqsood, imagines the last few days on Planet Earth for humans.

carving up marble floors and

segmenting stone cathedrals, gods

seek out civilization by

earmarking apocalypses. you’re

alone now. metallic crust stiffens fingernails,

irises radiate a golden

tincture, foreheads plucked

fused emerald pendants.

there are no trees where I live

yet I am rooted.

Adam & Eve atop a throne,

biding time, gazing over chaos.

The original home (Black Bough Poetry) for this piece of poetry can be found here in Issue 3 -


You can also read it here, in Nightingale & Sparrow Press -



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