• Neha Maqsood

TOKEN Magazine - Of Colonizations and Polite Hello's

In this free-verse, Neha Maqsood underscores the creation of a bigoted system which has worked to marginalize communities and discount the efforts of minority groups.

lightly stroking the ridges of the

Empire which presumes colours don’t exist but Diaspora


they say things like this don’t happen anymore

but stunt masses

with a colossal Brexit

tranquilize them with a ‘sorry’ here and a ‘cheers’ there

covetously steady the pearls studding their necks, but

the weathers finally good today you see?

the suns come out

they say that

things like this

don’t happen anymore,

but the Diaspora knows it does.

a game of endurance, only

the whitest colour wins.

black, brown, yellow,

strike, you’re


The original home for this poem can be found in TOKEN Magazines Special Edition Issue-



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