• Neha Maqsood

honey & lime - some men who surrounded me

Updated: Apr 8

Neha Maqsood voices the frustrations and struggles of women living in Karachi whose daily lives are affected by a patriarchal society.

karachi’s men are like trail

mix –

wide variety

motorcycle men who smugly exhale a


as they pass you by. beady eyes dangling

just below the


(i wish I could stuff that mashallah

back in his mouth, reserve it for his wife) 

men openly masturbating to women 

running errands

                             going to school

purchasing makai.

(i hope in the next life you’re 


men in crowded Sunday bazaars


your sister and her friend.

(i wish you prayed to God

with those hands. possibly ask for guidance while you’re at 


old men on WhatsApp who forward degrading ‘wife jokes’ or

images of women in compromising positions.

(i wish your daughters hadn’t

checked their mothers’ phones. daddy's just like

other men, they thought)

men who practically amputate your arm

as they take 

your parking ticket.

(i will slice your radial artery

before you take me into your world)

men who invite you on their bicycles with

leering gazes and dirty thoughts.

(i’ll push you off and ride off into the 


men are like trail mix – get the

whole package, toss out the

distasteful ones.

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