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  • Neha Maqsood

Gutter Magazine - The Pink Blackout

Neha Maqsood recalls a conversation with a cardiac patient as she reflects on the different elements of life which can make it a tragic one.

that falling, pink blur primed you

for the culminating dive into the light –

an unwarranted misbehaviour of

heart fluttering in misplaced symphony.

stumbling over refrain with

blue abyss of skies melting into the

cyanotic blues of hospital walls, surgical caps and your miscarried

daughter’s nursery.

denied the certainty of

a systole which refuses to delay its diastole.



your heart out

nail it to the scaffolding for the world

to see.

for you’ve danced in the operation theater &

have seen what the heart can do

the ways it can fail

from the snapping of ribs

to the clutter of an unborn child’s cribs

from the untimeliness of life

to the tardiness of beating.

glug morphine,

tend to scars; discharge

yourself from life &

arrange skeletons in her closets.

i hear

they call it a broken heart

The original home for this piece of poetry can be found in Gutter Magazines 21's Print Issue -