• Neha Maqsood

Another New Calligraphy - her childhood bedroom

Updated: Apr 8

In the Impossible Task Issue, Neha Maqsood, muses over a conversation which undoubtedly changed her life - the moment her parents told her they're selling her childhood home.

her childhood bedroom

a casino of speckled memories vehemently spurning cremation. the childhood bedroom where dreams and a moment of adulation

were dreamt off. the underground pool burnt

to ashes, nest twigs atop spotlights, shining

into the cemented darkness. this home is not

a home anymore. tis a cloud of dust, blowing

silently with the wind, stuck in origin, holding

my spot. a delicate girl, her skin.

The original home (Another New Calligraphy) for this this piece of poetry and an additional one can be found here -



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