Published Articles

Foreign Policy | On Coronavirus, Pakistan's government is missing in action. May 2020


Express Tribune | How to get past the mismanagement of COVID-19 in Pakistan. April 2020

Metro UK | My father left Britain for Pakistan 34 years ago. Today I am glad he did. December 2019

Thought Catalog | 9 Things I'd Tell My High School Self as a 21-year-old College Student. December 2019

Thought Catalog | 22 Things I've Learnt in 22 Years. December 2019

BUZZFEED |15 Things Only International Students Can Truly Relate To. December 2019  

Rife Magazine | 'I'd rather see a white doctor, if you don't mind': How patients can hurt doctors too. October 2019

sister-hood | The in-between Muslim. April 2019

The Tempest | Here's why I'm done helping you with your white guilt. April 2019

Epigram (MUSIC) | Feature/ Remembering Kurt Cobain: 'Ahead of his time'. April 2019

The UNI Bubble | Say my name, know my history. March 2019

MANDEM (Re-published from Rife Magazine) | Dear men, please don't pretend to be feminists. March 2019 

The Tempest | I'm a 21-year-old Pakistani-Muslim and I know marriage isn't for me. January 2019

Epigram | Yes, I am Pakistani and no I'm not from the Taliban. December 2018

Brown Girl Magazine | Why Akshay Khanna in Dil Chahta Hai is my OTP. December 2018

Epigram | Pakistani, female and fed up of patriarchy - my move from Karachi to Bristol. November 2017

Published Poetry (Online)

Strange Horizons | Things I do to remember home. Forthcoming

Blood Orange | Zolpidem may cause hallucinations and dizziness. January 2020

Another New Calligraphy | Her Childhood Bedroom. November 2019

Yes Poetry | What is it about brown girls. November 2019


Nightingale & Sparrow | Apocalypse Now. October 2019

Crepe and Penn | The conversations girls have at midnight. October 2019

Honey & Lime | Some men i know. September 2019

Turnpike Magazine | Desiring for the old, in with the new. July 2019

Royal Rose Magazine | I want you to say my name. May 2019

Published Poetry (Print)

Marble Poetry Magazine | The complexities of a depressed mind. Forthcoming 

Marble Poetry Magazine | Upon returning to Pakistan. Forthcoming

TOKEN Magazine | Of Colonization and polite hellos. March 2020

Broken Spine Arts | My mother always taught me to be fashionably late. February 2020


Gutter Magazine | The Pink Blackout. February 2020

Books (Print)


Hellebore Poetry Press | Vulnerability (Poetry Chapbook). Publishing in 2021. 

Hellebore Poetry Press | Winner of the 2019-2020 Hellebore Poetry Scholarship Award

Black Bough Poetry | Winner of the Black  Bough Reader's Award for Poetry

The Tempest | Best of The Tempest 2019 - Life Edition

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