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Neha Maqsood is a Pakistani journalist who has written for Metro UK, Express Tribune, Business Insider, Women Under Siege, Foreign Policy and other publications. Her poetry has been featured in/is forthcoming in over 20 literary journals including Strange Horizons, TOKEN Magazine, Marble Poetry, Gutter Magazine and other places. Her debut poetry book, which won the Hellebore Poetry Scholarship Award, will be published by Hellebore Press in 2021.


For tackling discrimination against people of colour and increasing South Asian representation in Britain, she was listed as the 100 Most Influential BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) personalities in Bristol. In 2019, she was a finalist for the International Alumni of the Year at the PIEoneer Awards held at the Guildhall in London. Later, in the same year she was featured in Rife Magazines' 24 Under 24 List. 


She is a graduate of Imperial College London.


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